• PSA: Snapchat DRM strikes again, user reports

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    Can't login to Snapchat? This might be why.

    Snapchat has never really been fond of tweaks to their app in any form, doing whatever they can to block these tweaks and sometimes ban user accounts for having them installed. Well, Snapchat is back at it again.

    This thread shows that some users using Snapchat tweaks are unable to log back into Snapchat. This signifies that Snapchat is yet again trying to block tweaks. One would think it's a bit silly for Snapchat to go up against jailbreakers, but regardless we highly recommend removing any Snap-related tweaks you have on your device, if you want to keep using the app. Once you remove conflicting tweaks, we recommend waiting for the tweak developers to update their tweaks to bypass these blocks. Stay safe, Snapchatters.

    Update: An earlier version of this article said that Phantom users were affected by this, however, Phantom users are safe. Other Snapchat tweaks may not be and we recommend removing them for now.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: PSA: Snapchat DRM strikes again, user reports started by Logan Garner View original post
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