• ModMyi Jailcast Exclusive: WWDC 2017

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    Join us for the Jailcast Exclusive series during Apple's 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference.

    It is that time of year again. WWDC time. This year we will be live during the keynote, giving live reactions, comments, endorsement and critique towards Apple, live, as they announche their new products. You will be able to find us on the official /r/jailbreak Discord server, look for us in the 'Jailcast Live' voice channel.

    We will be uploading our commentary on WWDC to our YouTube channel. This will not be in our regular episode feed. About two hours after the keynote, we will be recording an aftershow episode on the same server, where we will be discussing the keynote and where we will go in-depth on the matter.

    The keynote will start at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 5th. We will be starting about half an hour before where we will prepare for the event and possibly answer some questions from our listeners. Just jump in, open discord in the background, put on the livestream and enjoy. The Apple WWDC 2017 event livestreamcan be found at this

    Additionally, don't forget about Developer Appreciation Week. Starting this Sunday with an AMA with Matt Clark (@Matchstic), it will go on all week with an AMA every day.

    We hope you are as excited to join us for this event as we are to have you. Let's count how many tweaks Apple makes obsolete with iOS 11!
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