• Mac vs. PC Ads May Be History

    TV commercials may be losing one of their most popular representatives.

    It seems Apple may be ready to move beyond the beloved (by Apple fans at least) Mac vs. PC advertisements. Apple hasn't given any indication as such, but one of the ad's most recognizable faces - Justin Long - says the campaign may have just about run its course. Long opened up this week to the entertainment newspaper The A. V. Club about the situation. And although we haven't heard the official word that "Mac vs. PC" ads are dead, we should also consider the fact that no new ads from that particular campaign have aired since October.

    "You know, I think they might be done," said Long. "In fact, I heard from John Hodgman, I think they're going to move on."

    During the last four years, Apple's "Mac vs. PC" segments have proven enormously successful. It took Microsoft three years to find an effective commercial retort to the biting ads. The company's "Laptop Hunters" campaign, which began a year ago, has taken some of the sting out of Apple's incessant jabs. But, Justin Long (the Mac) and John Hodgman (the PC) have secured a much more prominent role in pop culture than any advertising endeavor from Microsoft has.

    Having been responsible for one of only a few TV commercials that viewers actually looked forward to, Apple has given few clues to any new, running commercial themes or characters that could pick up where Long and Hodgman left off. But with the iPad just unveiled and a new iPhone on tap for summer, it's a safe bet that Apple will pull out all the advertising stops necessary to make 2010 a memorable year in every way possible.
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