• Lysithea X brings iOS 11-inspired music controls to your lockscreen.


    Want some of that sweet iOS 11 love? Here is your solution.

    UPDATE: After recent events, we no longer recommend installing this tweak. Read more.

    Lysithea X is a new tweak which brings the new iOS 11 lockscreen music controls to devices running jailbroken iOS 10. It's developed by the ijapija00, which has a controversial history, however, promised to change.

    According to the developer, the tweak brings more options than the version found in the iOS 11 beta. For example, it has an expanded and mini-style view, which you can switch by double tapping on the artwork view image. If you tap once, it will open the now playing application instead - like it does in the control centre.

    The design is really sleek, with a minimalistic yet functional look, and if you want to change it to look less like stock iOS, you can. The tweak brings four themes which you can choose from: iOS Default, Custom Tint Color Overlay, Artwork Blur and Artwork Color. The theme names speak for themselves.

    The best part of the tweak is the compatibility with other tweaks. If you have something like Noctis or LockGlyph X installed, the tweak will work wonderfully with it. The developer notes that the compatibility list is much longer, but does not disclose any specific tweak aside from the above, as well as Priority Hub.

    The "Eleven" tweak, by LaughingQuoll, which is currently in closed beta, already offers this functionality, however, with fewer functions at the moment. This could change in the future as the tweak is in early stages, but if you want something that works right now, and that you can access, this tweak should come in handy.

    Lysithea X can be found on BigBoss, going for $0.99, or by simply following the link bellow:

    Link removed. See update.
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