• Tigris: Possible jailbreak for iOS 11? We take a look.

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    Could it be that an iOS 11 jailbreak is on the way already?

    Every year, Apple releases a major iOS update that seems to make it harder and harder to jailbreak. Yet still, it seems someone takes a stab at jailbreaking the latest and greatest software from Apple. As we've seen, KeenLab recently demonstrated their jailbreak for iOS 11, so we know that it is indeed possible to jailbreak iOS 11. However, we don't know whether or not KeenLab will publicly release their jailbreak for people to use.

    Sadly, it also seems that we keep losing popular dev teams that were once involved with the community, such as Pangu, Taig, and evasi0n. But someone always seems to pull through however unexpected. This is where Antique_Dev hopes to fill the void. In a Reddit post, he announced the formation of the "Tigris" dev team, based on the supposed code name for iOS 11. The team consists of Antique_Dev, u/BallisticDiamond, u/coolfool245 , u/NickiLolzz and a few other developers within the community. They aim to create a jailbreak for all 64-bit devices that are supported on iOS 11 (iPhone 5s or newer). Antique_Dev has noted that they are starting completely from scratch, and with this announcement, he seems to be signifying that they have the eventual goal of releasing this jailbreak publicly.

    However, he also notes that they are doing this with "some knowledge of C+ and somewhat advanced knowledge of [Objective-C]." So regardless of the hype around this project, it is entirely possible that this may not be released or completed, even due to the immense complexities involved with creating a jailbreak. So without proof or any further progress on the project, we recommend taking this news with a grain of salt, as with all rumored jailbreaks. However, what this does signify is hope that a jailbreak will arrive for users on iOS 11. Regardless, of whether Tigris releases the jailbreak or not, you can rest assured that someone else will likely release a finished product.

    If you have any questions regarding the project, you can contact @Antique_Dev on Twitter or via e-mail at [email protected]. We will keep you updated on any progress with this project.
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