• Limneos's NFCWriter App has been released

    Please connect to iTunes issues on my phone.-nfcwriter-1-800-x-473.png

    With a sleek new look and feel, NFCWriter has a modern UI and more features.

    We took a look at NFCWriter and spoke with Limneos a few weeks ago. Elias had some interesting things to say about it. Now that we got our hands on the final version it's time to see what it can do. Being able to write seven different types of data, it's safe to say that it can do a lot. You're able to write text, URLs, Contacts (vCards), Wi-Fi SSIDs and more.

    The main thing we ran into when testing, is that our NFC tags weren't able to write more than 144 bytes of data. This isn't much storage at all, a vCard containing a name and number is too large. We will have to get some larger tags to be able to utilise this app. We recommend buying the larger capacity tags right away so you're not hindered by them.

    Please connect to iTunes issues on my phone.-nfcwriter-2-800-x-473.png

    Working with the small tag, we were able to set up something useful.

    Place an NFC tag on the outside of your wallet.

    By combining the text and URL data types, we were able to get around the size restriction for a contact. The text record has a name and number, and then a URL pointing to other methods of contact. In a best case scenario, if you lose your wallet, this could help. A good Samaritan can get in contact with you if other methods fail. The only problem with this is NFC isn't widely adopted, yet.

    Limneos did mention that he will be releasing a 'fully documented API' when he's ready. This is the most exciting part. Our minds go crazy with the possibilities of NFC tags plus Activator integration.

    NFCWriter is available on the BigBoss repo for $3.99. Even though it's one of the more expensive items on available on Cydia, if you're an enthusiast it's worth it.

    How will you use NFCWriter? Sound off in the comments below!
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