• Pasithea by Cannathea dev team, gets an update for iOS 10

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    Put your clipboard on steroids.

    The iOS clipboard is lacking, to say the least. When Apple shipped the original iPhone, it didn't even come with copy and paste. The Cannathea development team seeks to pick up where Apple left off. Developed by ichitaso & Hiraku, and localised by Karen Tsai, Pasithea feels almost baked right into iOS. Released in February of 2015, users enjoyed twenty updates for over a year.

    There are two primary ways of managing your clipboard with Pasithea 2. They are both designed to fit into your workflow wherever you are. After installing, it replaces the Tibetan keyboard. It also adds itself to your active keyboard list. You can switch to it with the globe icon like you would otherwise. The second method requires FlipControlCenter by Ryan Petrich. It adds a FlipSwitch listener for accessing a handy pop-up. From the pop-up you to can access your history, favourites, and jump into preferences. You're also able to set an Activator gesture if that is your thing.

    There are plenty of settings to customise Pasithea 2 to your liking.

    You're able to enable or disable it globally or in applications, which can be nice. The clipboard history is set by default to 40, with 100 being the highest. Another important note is you're able to change the keyboard if you need the Tibetan one. Further down, there are toggles for skipping the keyboard, limiting the number of characters, dark keyboard and more. There are also some clipboard backup options to keep your data.

    Pasitha 2 (iOS 10) is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99 for new purchases and $.99 to upgrade from the original. What are you waiting for? Go check it out if you're jailbroken!

    We had a chance to ask ichitaso a few questions about Pasithea and Cannathea.

    Note: ichitaso's first language isn't English but he was kind enough to answer our questions.

    Can you talk a little bit about the Cannathea Team?

    Cannathea is a coined word.

    Combining Can and Anthea has the implication that flowers can bloom.

    Although I was making original of Pasithea by myself, there was a limit in ability and I was able to complete it with members now.

    Pasithea is an interesting name, how did it come about?

    Pasithea originally was based on my Flipswitch add-on PasteBoardSwitch. It is published in my private repository (iOS 8 and later can not be used)

    The goal is to save the history of the pasteboard, manage things you use frequently, memo etc.

    Pasithea is the name of the goddess of Greek mythology.

    Were there any major challenges with the iOS 10 update? If so, how did you overcome them?

    The big change in iOS 10 is that pasteboardd is gone and the keyboard has changed.

    We analysed each of these difficulties one by one and created it.
    Of course, conflicts with other Tweaks will interfere with the operation.

    Are there any other tweaks on Cannatheas roadmap that you can talk about?

    At Cannathea, there are no new projects so far, but I'd like to create a Tweak that some users feel useful before.
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