• Want watchOS-like notifications in iOS 10? Now there is a way

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    Following the steps of watchOS

    iOS 10 brought a completely new design to the notifications and the widgets. This design was inspired by watchOS, however, maybe not as much as some may have wished for.

    "Modern: iOS 10" is a new jailbreak tweak, by the developer FromDerik, delivers a completely new design to the notifications. The app icons are bigger, which makes it easier to tell notification apart, and the content section doesn't take up as much space anymore.

    iPhone Accelerometer-befunky-collage.png

    Once called MetroLock, Ventana, is specifically desinged for bigger devices, like the iPad, however, it works just as well, without compromises, on smaller devices like iPod's or iPhones.

    Options, as in the description page for Modern:

    - Enable or disable Modern for widgets or banners separately
    - Use big icons or the default size
    - Enable beautiful shadows for the icon and labels
    - Use white or black text colour in the headers
    - Remove or customise the "No Notifications" label to your liking!

    Unfortunately, there is no info on compatibility with other tweaks like ColorBanners, Unify X and the like. Judging by the nature of the tweak, ColorBanners and Noctis would function correctly as they only change the colour value of the notifications, however, tweaks which change the shape or behaviour may be problematic.

    The tweak is available on BigBoss for a pocket change of exactly $1.00, not the usual $0.99, however, the additional cent shouldn't affect people too much.

    Download Modern for $1.00 from BigBoss
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