• StyloPowerDown brings a much cleaner power down menu, inspired by LG

    You guys REALLY need Linux support...-befunky-collage.jpg

    Android has it's good stuff as well

    The iOS power down menu hasn't changed since iOS 8, and even that was a minor change from iOS 7, which, again, was a minor change from iOS 6. We are now sitting at version 10 (soon 11) and we still have no real way of rebooting our phones or iPads without installing tweaks, which more often than not, look kinda hideous.

    StyloPowerDown, brought to us by iKilledAppl3, is a new tweak which brings a beautiful new powers screen to iOS 10. The screen is inspired by the phone called LG Stylo, which runs LG's own UI on top of Android, and it features a very similar design to the one found in this tweak.

    If you're not a fan of LG's design, StyloPowerDown also features an iOS 7-style power down screen, which could bring back some really nostalgic memories for some.

    The best part of this tweak is that it supports respringing, safe mode, rebooting and the obvious power down. No matter if you use the LG Stylo theme or the iOS 7 theme, you will still have the option for advanced boot options.

    Incompatibility with HideMeX additional "power knobs" has been noted, however, that issue is to be expected as these tweaks have essentially two different takes on the same functionality. Having both enabled at the same time would be fairly pointless.

    The tweak is available on BigBoss for a pocket change of exactly $1.00, not the usual $0.99, however, the additional cent shouldn't affect people too much. If it does, the price of the tweak may not be your biggest problem!

    Download StyloPowerDown for $1.00 from BigBoss
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