• Want the iOS 11 lock screen on iOS 10? There is now a way

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    Bringing the new goodies to the good ol'

    LockscreenXI, by LaughingQuoll, is a new tweak which is a part of the Eleven tweak bundle. For those who are unfamiliar with Eleven, it's a project that aims at bringing the iOS 11 changes and features to jailbroken iOS 10 devices. LockscreenXI is the first Eleven tweak to be released, with ControlCenterXI coming later today.

    The tweak mimics the iOS 11 lock screen music controls as well as the pin code entry screen. There is not much to say about the pin code entry screen other than it looks like iOS 11, however, the music controls are what's interesting.

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    If you look closely, you can see that the music controls on LockscreenXI are shorter and more compressed, while still offering the full functionality of the music controls found in iOS 11.

    Another thing that has been added, which the original iOS 11 music controls don't feature is the "even more compressed layout" as we lie to call it. LockscreenCI behaves very similarly to a widget, as it has a "show less" button in the top right corner. After pressing the button, an even smaller view shows up in order to make room for notifications while still displaying your album art and giving you control over your music.

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    LockscreenXI has already received two (!!) patches since it's release two days ago, and it's still actively developed which is nice to see as you won't be risking buying into a tweak which will loose support a few days later.

    The tweak is fully compatible with LaughingQuoll's other famous tweak, Noctis, however, it's incompatible with ColorFlow at the moment. But if you have an iOS 10 device, and a dollar to spend, then following the link below may be worth a shot.

    Download LockscreenXI for $0.99 from BigBoss
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