• Vigor is a new tweak which lets you peek at your apps' notifications and information

    NES 1.00 Release Candidate 1-befunky-collage.png

    Smells like Windows Phone

    The new tweak by the Atom Dev Team, Vigor, is a new way of peeking at your notifications and app info straight from your home screen. We've seen tweaks like Redstone or Curago before, or even Apple's own implementation with Today Widgets and 3D Touch which aim at the same or similar functionality. Vigor brings a new take on the concept, and it succeeded in being original.

    After installing the tweak, enabling widgets from the settings and activating the toggle in the Control Centre, the tweak is running and ready to go. The icons scale down and make room for small widgets where relevant information is displayed, as seen below:

    NES 1.00 Release Candidate 1-befunky-collage-e2.png

    The concept is not new, as it reassembles Curago and Live Tiles from Windows Phone, but the execution differs quite a lot from these other implementations as it takes up way less space and doesn't require you to have eight times bigger app icons in order to fit the information that's meant to be displayed.

    The tweak even features a completely individual Control Centre page for managing and tweaking your setup which is quite impressive:

    NES 1.00 Release Candidate 1-wipzwkt.png

    The compatibility is noted to be decent, albeit not perfect. Apex is out of the question, while horseshoe works well but you'll need to use a flipswitch in order to activate/deactivate the widgets.

    The Cydia description page specifically states that it's compatible with iPhones running iOS 10, which may mean that iPad users are out of luck. As Curago works without issues on iPad's, that may prove to be a good alternative. For the iPhone users out there, the tweak is available for $1.99 from BigBoss.

    Download Vigor for $1.99 from BigBoss
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