• SurpriseSelfie for jailbroken iOS keeps your private photos safe, in a fun way


    Keep your nudes secure, in a fun way

    A few months ago, a Reddit user requested a tweak to be made, which would protect his private photos in an original way. The request was long forgotten, and everybody lost hope. Then, out of nowhere, SurpriseSelfie by Frozen Penguin, showed up and filled this request many have forgotten.

    What is "SurpriseSelfie" then? What does it do aside from locking your photos? According to the Cydia description:'

    "SurpriseSelfie is a tweak for the iOS Photos app which aims to prevent others looking at photos they aren't supposed to see.

    After selecting a particular photo or range of photos to "lock", you can choose from a number of options that will occur if a person attempts to swipe beyond these:
    1. Display a selfie of the person as the next/previous photo. Each subsequent swipe will take another photo. (These are temporary photos).
    2. Show a custom image from your photo library
    3. Prevent swiping completely (or loop if multiple photos selected)"

    Features include:

    - Select one or multiple photos to lock
    - TouchID or password protection
    - Video support (in single item lock)
    - Activator gestures to enable/disable
    - Show/hide lock button
    - Prevent the Photos app from being closed in the app switcher when locked

    This essentially means that the intruder will be greeted with a photo of themselves once they swipe over to a picture they are not supposed to see. This can create some funny reactions from people until they get a grip of what's happening.

    The compatibility list includes iOS 10 and iOS 9 which should make some users really happy, and the fact that it supports iPad's is even more welcome. For exactly $1.00 on BigBoss, the purchase can be considered a no-brainer as the value you get is pretty amazing. You can go ahead and download the tweak from the link below.

    Download SurpriseSelfie for $1.00 from BigBoss
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