• Sneak peak of Canzone from Hashbang Productions


    Canzone fills in the gaps of the music experience on iOS.

    When Apple released iOS 10 they included a redesigned Notification Center with newly designed widgets. The Music widget they shipped was a token at best and embarrassing at worst. All it lets you do is see a list of your recently listened tracks, with no playback controls whatsoever. Thanks, Apple. Why bother including one at all?

    Canzone, by Hashbang, replaces this widget with something actually useful, and much more. When listening to music, every time the track changes, Canzone will send you a push notification with playback controls a gesture away. That, combined with the Notification Center widget and actionable Lock Screen notifications, Canzone will be a fully featured music tweak. It works with any app that shows something in the 'now playing' section of the Control Center and Lock Screen.


    Head over into Canzone's preferences pane for some familiar options.

    When you first arrive in the preference pane for Canzone, you're greeted by a beautiful header and banner. At the top, there is a little preview of the notification; this actually changes every time you jump into the preferences. It's little touches like this that indicate the developers are still having fun with their tweaks.

    Since the primary function of Canzone is to show notifications for track changes, there are some settings for this nestled in its own cell. After tapping 'Notifications' you're able to toggle them on or off and choose whether or not you'd like them to show up in Notification Center and Lock Screen. You can also toggle sounds and badges on or off and change the style of the notifications themselves to Banners or Alerts.

    You're also given the option of keeping all notifications, which means that every time a track changes Canzone will send a new Push Notification without clearing the last one. The effect you get is a list of all the songs on your Lock Screen or Notification Center. You're also able to choose if you'd like to use the banner playback controls or not, or if you'd like Canzone to replace the Lock Screen music controls.

    Lastly, there is a setting for waking the screen when the device is locked, this can be useful is your device is lying face-up on a table and you'd like to glance at it to see what each track is as they change. The main problem here is it will decrease battery life by waking the screen so often.

    Canzone is available as a paid beta release until it is released on the BigBoss repo for $1.49. Right now you can use Chariz Pay to purchase a beta spot. Hashbang also has a Discord server for their beta testers, be sure to join it if you purchase Canzone.
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