• Do you change Wi-Fi networks a lot? These tweaks might be for you

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    If you change Wi-Fi networks frequently, these tweaks are definitely for you.

    If you're like us here at ModMyi, you might have a lot of Wi-Fi networks that you connect to often. Switching between them can be a chore. With Apple's stock offering, you have to tap the Settings icon, then tap the Wi-Fi cell, and finally select your network. This is a bit tedious if you have to change networks a lot.

    Up until iOS 8, the Jailbreak community had this problem solved by a tweak called WiPi from the developer Bensge. It allowed you to quickly switch your network with a few gestures. It's simply an Activator gesture and a Control Center hold gesture. Each of these invokes your Wi-Fi network list, displayed as a UI Alert.

    Due to his focus on school, Benno hasn't updated WiPi officially for iOS 9 or 10 on a default repo, he did open source it in 2014 on his GitHub here. There is also a beta available on one of his beta repositories.

    The WiPi beta should be compatible with iOS 6-10. However, keep in mind that you are a beta tester and not a customer at that point. By adding the repo and installing the tweak you're unofficially agreeing to report any bugs you may find. As always, the ModMyi team doesn't assume any responsibility for anything that happens to your device after install.

    Especially if pineapples start leaking out of the Lighting Port. We can't help you there, no one can.

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    QuickWiFi from ichitaso is similar, with one main difference.

    QuickWifi from ichitaso is another solution to this old problem. Heavily based on WiPi, with ichitaso working with Benno on GitHub to eventually merge the two. If you'd like you can add ichitaso's repo and try his version out as well. As far as we can tell it's identical except for one thing. QuickWiFi has its own FlipSwitch, where WiPi prefers the stock Wi-Fi toggle hold gesture.

    QuickWiFi is compatible with iOS 8, 9, and 10, picking up right where WiPi left off with iOS 8. Available for free on ichitaso's repo, it's worth it to check out if you're jailbroken on iOS 10.

    Add Bensge's WiPi beta repo to Cydia to get WiPi.

    Add ichitaso's repo to Cydia to get QuickWiFi.

    The ModMyi team would like to thank uroboro and Benno for correcting us on this article, the team always strives to provide accurate, detailed information.
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    1. The Hitman's Avatar
      The Hitman -
      WiFi Strongest Link reconnects your phone to the strongest signal available from the networks specified if the signal falls bellow certain level. Dont see the point of these two apps other then faster way to see available networks when you are out.
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