• Hydrogen is a new tweak which brings a tonne of customisation to your statusbar

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    Lithium Ion has a new sibling

    If you're familiar with the concept of Lithium Ion, the tweak which is essentially a theme engine for your battery indicator, then you won't be alienated with how Hydrogen works. Just like Lithium-Ion, Hydrogen is a fully featured theming engine for your data and signal indicators.

    Unsurprisingly, the tweak is made by the same developer who made Lithium Ion. If the chemistry-related names weren't enough to spoil who is the developer for you, then the huge library of themes maybe will.

    How can a newly released tweak have a huge library of themes already? Well, it's fully backwards compatible with Lithium Ion, that's how! The hundreds of themes available for your battery indicator are all available for Hydrogen, just like that.

    This means that you'll be able to keep a unified status bar theme with no effort at all, and no begging developers to port their themes to Anemone. Once you install a Lithium Ion theme, it's automatically available from the settings pane for hydrogen.

    It's impressive how much the tweak offers while being completely free and still in beta. Aside from the powerful theming capabilities, you can resize, reposition, change colour and so much more which just adds to the impressiveness of the tweak.

    The compatibility list includes iOS 10 and iPad (SIM variants) which is sweet, and as the tweak is free and still in beta, demanding more from it would be tasteless.

    Download Hydrogen from the Tweakings Repo

    Download Lithium Ion from the BigBoss Repo
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