• watchOS jailbreak has been demoed at DEF CON 25

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    This is not a drill. A watchOS jailbreak has been demonstrated at DEF CON 25.

    A watchOS jailbreak has been demonstrated at the DEF CON 25 hacking conference, courtesy of PanTovarnik on Reddit. The jailbreak was demoed by Max Bazaliy from the FriedAppleTeam, which has demonstrated very interesting projects in the past.

    This jailbreak reportedly includes SSH running locally on the watch which is huge news, to say the least. As a result of this jailbreak, it also allows for filesystem access to the watch, which would allow users to at least browse the files, if not modify them.

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    This could be huge for the jailbreak community as the closest we ever got to modding the watch has been changing the watchfaces to model-locked ones. 'Something like this could potentially allow for downgrading of watchOS firmware and pairing with older, jailbreakable, iOS versions.

    Many users have longed to hack their wearable devices for years now, and it could finally be materialising. The main issue with jailbreaking the watch so far has been the inability to restore it to a working state if something goes wrong. If the exploit is powerful enough, there could possibly a way around that.

    Another thing to note is that the slides used at the presentation mention that the watch can be used as a potential attack vector for iPhone jailbreaking. If you don't know what that means, it essentially means that you could theoretically jailbreak your iPhone using your watch.

    Even though this is a jailbreak, don't expect it to come with Cydia. Cydia is an iOS-only application and even thought watchOS is based on top of iOS, it would be a miracle if any of the system modifications developed over the years would work.

    We don't know much yet, but we'll keep you updated as more information about this emerges.
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