• Decryption keys released for A5 devices, allows Coolbooter support and Odysseus downgrades

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    Do you happen to own an older iDevice? Holding onto it may prove handy.

    axi0mX, a security researcher who previously released a bootrom exploit for newer iPhone 3GS devices, has now also released the decryption keys for multiple devices powered by the A5 SoC (revision A), this includes:

    • iPad 2,4 (newer 16gb model)
    • Apple TV 3
    • iPod Touch 5th generation
    • 1st generation iPad Mini

    What this means is that utilities such as CoolBooter have been updated to support these devices, and Odysseus downgrades are now possible. These keys do not mean that you'll be able to jailbreak these devices on unjailbreakable software.

    The cool thing about this is that if your device is now running sluggish because it's on iOS 7 or newer, you can now make it speedy again as it once was thanks to more optimised, older firmware like iOS 6. The downside is, of course, apps are constantly being updated to rely on newer firmware versions which may be a little troublesome for people who intend on using older devices as their primary devices.

    The biggest downside to this is that all of this requires jailbreak. If your device is stuck on a unjailbreakable iOS version, you're out of luck and no decryption keys or utilities will help you here.

    Do you plan on downgrading your device? Let us know down in the comment section below.
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