• Set configurable low power profiles with Battivator by merdok

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    Step aside Low Power Mode, Battivator is the hero our batteries deserve.

    Battery life is an important factor in our daily digital lives, especially when it comes to a jailbroken device. It remains up for debate whether having a lot of tweaks installed will affect battery life. The general consensus is yes, it does. Not all tweaks are bad for battery though, with several designed to actually save battery life.

    Battivator by the developer merdok, released about two years ago, recently received an update. Its main feature is it lets users set up powerful custom battery profiles. Apple's 'Low Power Mode' is a good start for managing power consumption on iOS. Yet, Battivator's capabilities allow for more fine-grained control. After purchasing and install, it adds a Flipswitch to Control Center if you have FlipCC.

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    Battivator is highly customisable, it's not for the faint of heart.

    Each profile starts with a trigger. You're able to select any battery percentage, or if charging started or stopped. There is also device locked or unlocked, Do Not Disturb on or off, and WiFi connected or disconnected. You can configure conditions, such as the devices' charging state, locked or unlocked. Or if there is music playing or you're on a call. Afterward, you set which actions the profile will take when triggered.

    Your choices for power saving actions are - ignore, enable, disable and toggle. You can apply one of these to Airplane Mode, WiFi, Location Services, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data. As well as set the Mobile Data speed and Personal Hotspot.

    Additionally, you're able to apply these actions to a dozen or so more features. A few worth mentioning are Background App Refresh, Siri, and Auto Brightness. These are battery hogs. There is also a toggle for Custom Brightness and options to Respring, Reboot and enter Safe Mode. Entering Safe Mode via a profile trigger will generate a Crash Report in CrashReporter, this is normal and expected activity.

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    Set custom Sounds, Notifications and more.

    Not only are you able to have Battivator turn power hungry system functions off to save battery life, you can set it to notify you in creative and fun ways. If that's your thing. It can take action on the Ringer volume, Vibration, Lock Sounds, Keyboard clicks and Do Not Disturb. There is an option for displaying an alert in the form of a popup or banner, with a sound and vibration and/ or camera flash.

    Some extra options are choosing to ignore, play or pause music and the ability to take a screenshot. You can also set it to disable after triggering itself the first time and toggle Battivator's low power mode. With so many options to choose from and the ability to create several profiles, Battivator is definitely worth the price.

    Battivator is $1.99 on the Bigboss repo, go check it out if you'd like to get more out of your battery.

    Download Battivator from the BigBoss Repo
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