• iFixit Tears Down New MacBook Pro

    The team at iFixIt, led by Kyle Wiens, has endeavored to tear down the new MacBook Pro. And based on the findings, there aren't many gratuitous changes to the popular laptop. But there are what Wiens calls more than just a few "subtle" tweaks. And iFixIt is dishing on what those very tweaks are.

    According to the teardown team, the new MacBook Pro's biggest change, naturally, comes from the processor upgrade. Other less monumental alterations from the 2009 model include a peculiar antenna affixed to the optical drive frame. This was obviously done in response to the WiFi/Bluetooth board now being mounted inside the metal case. Overall, as observed by the team, it will be interesting to see how this ultimately effects the wireless performance of the device.

    Next we have new tri-wing screws that swoop in to replace the old Torx 5 that, until now, were a staple of the MacBook. Speaking of screws, however, Apple must think we have a screw loose to think that the new computer's battery (now rated at 77.5 Wh) will actually provide the big boost (1-2 hours) in battery life promised over the previous 73 Wh battery in 2009's 15" model.

    While nothing overtly shocking or groundbreaking was discovered in the new MacBook Pro, nothing shocking or groundbreaking was expected. Some, in fact, are saying that the most "interesting find" within the new computer is Apple's effort to facilitate a smoother transition between the Intel and NVIDIA graphics, as evidenced by the use of Intel's HM55 Express Chipset.

    At the end of the day, however, the new MacBook Pro is a wicked cool device - but nothing that reinvents the wheel by any stretch of the imagination. To read all of iFixIt's findings, check out their tear-down results here.

    Image via iFixIt
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