• Adobe CEO Dismisses Steve Jobs's Insults as "Amusing"

    One of the most talked about stories of today is Steve Jobs' tough-talkin' letter this morning outlining why Apple has distanced itself from Adobe. Issuing a multi-faceted wave of complaints about everything from shoddy development tools to openness, Steve Jobs let Adobe have it. And now Adobe is firing back.

    In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen called Jobs' comments "amusing" and shrugged off the harsh barbs saying that "we have different views of the world. Our view of the world is multi-platform." While conducting the interview, the Journal's Alan Murray likened Adobe and Apple's feud to that of Jon and Kate Gosselin's by pointing out how a once-close relationship has now bitterly deteriorated.

    Narayen, however, says it's Apple that has changed while Adobe, on the other hand, has remained "true to the position" with which it was founded. The position? To "help people deal with multiple operating systems." Steve Jobs, of course, doesn't think Adobe helps anything with regard to Macs. Narayen, in fact, made it a point to respond to Jobs' allegation that Adobe is the most frequent cause of Mac crashes. Narayen retorted, asserting that if Adobe actually crashes a Mac, it most likely has something "to do with the Apple operating system."

    While Jobs and Narayen could argue point for point endlessly, Adobe's chief neatly summed up his argument by saying that he supports "letting customers decide" what's best for them and that, in the end, the multi-platform world will "eventually prevail."

    Oh... and in case you're wondering, Narayen doesn't have an iPhone. He's a Google Nexus One kinda guy.

    Image via awesomedc
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