• Apple's Flash Killer: "Gianduia"

    As its crusade against Flash picks up steam, Apple's homemade alternative is getting increasing attention. Gianduia is a client-side JavaScript framework released at last year's World of WebObjects Developer Conference that's aimed directly at Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. In a post today, AppleInsider notes the enthusiasm with which it was received by devs at the WOWODC, and highlights its potential as a way for devs to create rich web apps that don't need browser plugins.

    The odd name Gianduja (say "jan-DO-ya," can't wait to see how bad people are gonna butcher the pronunciation as this spreads) is an Italian masquerade character and also a kind of chocolate candy with hazelnut in it. It's that last meaning they were probably thinking of here: another takeoff on the name "Cocoa," just like "Cocoa" is a takeoff on "Java." It was described by developer Jonathan Rentzsch as “browser-side Cocoa (including CoreData) + WebObjects, written in JavaScript by non-js-haters.” Renztsch said his "Jaw dropped," and that he was "Blown away by Gianduia.” It's a standards-based framework, and since it's all JavaScript it allows for maximum portability and doesn't depend on a single company (like Adobe for Flash or Microsoft for Silverlight)

    Apple has already implemented Gianduja in Apple Retail's WebObjects-based services like the Personal Shopping reservation system. The One-to-One program, iPhone reservation system, and its Concierge service for Genius Bar reservations also use Gianduja. More information is expected at this year's WOWDC, which is usually timed to coincide with the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.
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