• MacBook Air Refresh This Week?

    A previously unknown model number found in an Apple database is providing hints this morning that the MacBook Air may finally be getting a refresh. A source told the Australian edition of MacWorld that supplies of the Air are running short, even though online stores around the world are still promising 24 hour turnaround.

    The same source who last month correctly predicted the MacBook Pro refresh a week before it was officially released says that he's found a new entry - MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA - in Apple's database. As many as "several thousand" units of the new product (which, confusingly, he says may be either a MacBook Air or a 27-inch LED Cinema Display) are supposedly shipping to Australia. The possibility of a refresh has pundits scratching their heads to figure out what new capabilities Apple may be building into the lightweight notebook, with general opinion being that they'll continue to be powered by Mobile Core 2 Duo SL-series processors but upgrade the graphics processor to the GeForce 320M chipset.

    Other popular theories include RAM upgrades to 4GB, a larger hard drive option and possibly an SSD, longer battery life, and a 'buttonless' glass trackpad. The MacBook Air line hasn't seen a refresh since back in June 2009, when the low-end 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo model went on sale for $1,499 US.
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