• Two OSes, Two WWDCs?

    After a Worldwide Developers Conference where Mac OS X was most notable by its absence, the French site HardMac has come forth with a claim that Apple is considering two separate developer confabs: one for iOS and one for Mac OS X. Citing "one of our most reliable sources," HardMac - which previously had accurate leaks about Mac Pro and MacBook CPU upgrades - is short on details but notes that the move "would be a strong sign of support from Apple towards Mac users," at a time when even Steve Jobs is talking about "the post-PC era."

    When the schedule for the last WWDC was announced, may observers commented on the dearth of Mac OS X-focused sessions and labs. John Gruber wrote at the time in Daring Fireball that "one could argue that this year’s WWDC is an iPhone OS developers conference, not an Apple developers conference." For the first time in years, there was no preview of an upcoming Mac OS X release, not even a maintenance upgrade. Though iOS device growth is explosive, the Mac continues to build market share, with the MacBook continuing to be one of the best selling laptops on the market.

    At the D8 conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal this year, Steve Jobs claimed that the tablet would replace the PC for most users. And this was kind of surprising, coming as it did from a guy who once famously asked what tablet PCs were good for other than surfing the Web in the bathroom. Apple's "magical, revolutionary" device is a best-seller now, of course, and Jobs is talking about "the transformation of the PC," with general-purpose computers being used less and less: "PCs are going to be like trucks," as he said. ""Less people will need them," he added, "and this is going to make some people uneasy."

    Mac devs would certainly feel a lot less uneasy if they had less of a sense that Apple was walking away from the operating system, which still has as many as 100 million users worldwide. Jobs may be right about future trends, but just as trucks are still popular, there will always be a market for "real" computers.
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