• RIP Mac OS? Not So Fast...

    HardMac, the French site with a spotty-to-OK track record for insider leaks, is claiming that Apple is considering letting go of the name "Mac OS" for its desktop and server operating systems, switching to "iOS" for all its platforms. Coming a couple of days after a rumor about an Apple "special event" to introduce a touchscreen able to run iOS, though, this might indicate that OS convergence is a hot topic of discussion at One Infinite Loop. Or, you know, not

    Using a very hand-wavey sort of phrasing ("Apple might be deciding about a totally new branding for its OS"), HardMac's report seems to be suggesting that even the discussion may or may not be happening, so it's probably fair to put this one in the hearsay file. The only reason I find it worth noting is the fact that we're only three major updates away from decision time on what to call the successor to Mac OS X 10.9. Will it be "Mac OS X 11" (ten eleven)? Mac OS XI? Given that Apple's cut the Macintosh name down to just "Mac," and bestowed it on only the notebook and workstation product lines, it's not unreasonable to think they may be willing to cut all ties to 1984 before too much longer. And the suggested new OS family names - iOS Server, iOS Desktop and iOS Mobile - do have a certain ring to them. But at this point, it's all guesswork.

    Meanwhile, a story in LOOPrumors this week (picked up by Boy Genius Report among others), claiming that an iOS-enabled touchscreen iMac will be announced in 60 days, is on a little more solid ground. We've been hearing about touchscreen Macs for a while, and Apple's taken out myriad patents for multi-touch gestures. If you add all that to Steve Jobs's recent statements about "the post-PC era," it makes sense that we'll see a touchscreen Mac sooner rather than later… though 60 days is probably sooner than sooner.
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