• Apple REALLY About To Move Into TV Now: Rumor

    The rumor with more legs than a centipede continues to crawl along: this time it's gossip at a CEO dinner, supposedly from people in the know, that Apple is about to do a major push into television. According to the Silicon Valley Insider's Dan Frommer, bigwigs at the dinner in Manhattan last night were talking about Apple's new direction and hints that the company is about to dig into its pile of cash for some more billion-dollar acquisitions.

    Part of the rumor seems to be purely speculative; the change in name from iPhone OS to iOS is supposed to presage a move away from mobile devices (even though Apple now has three major mobile families with the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone lines). Additionally, though, Apple has telegraphed its desire to move into the living room in a number of ways, despite persistent avowals that the Apple TV device is "just a hobby." For one, the new Mac mini refresh included an HDMI port for direct connection of the small form-factor desktop to big-screen TVs. For another, we still have no idea what the monster $1 billion half-a-million-square-foot Apple server farm in North Carolina is going to be used for, even though it's nearing completion and staffing up.

    And for yet another, Steve Jobs is on his way to a major event in Sun Valley, Idaho for entertainment industry executives. As BusinessWeek reports, the annual gathering is often used by execs to put together big deals: "Walt Disney Co. used it to hatch its $19.5 billion acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC Inc." in 1995. Steve Jobs, walking with his fat wallet through Sun Valley among a bunch of media executives? "Stay tuned" for sure...
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