• Apple May Be Tinkering in Secrecy with New "AppleHD" Video Format

    All signs point to Apple working very diligently to introduce its own video format at some time in the future. With reports indicating that the so-called 'AppleHD' video format would be scalable up to 4K, one, naturally, could assume that this video format will also have something to do with the rumored revamp coming to AppleTV.

    With YouTube beginning to support 4K and Google already enjoying its own video format, Apple would certainly be well served by the existence of a "superHD" video format and the subsequent opportunities that could be seized during the increasingly popular fusion of internet and television. According to sources who shared their knowledge of Apple's pet video project with Hardmac, Apple's endeavor could represent "a transition towards better codec, dropping the efficient but CPU-consuming encoding codec H.264 for adopting Wavelet transform-type of codec which will allow even better compression rate while offering better efficiency."

    If we did not get confirmation yet, we can suspect that Apple will be using a format evolving or directly originating from Dirac.
    If Apple does, in fact, venture down this path, the company would be introducing yet another high-end offering. A 4K-compatible device, possibly one with a "Retina Display," could be especially pricey - perhaps much more so than Apple's other far-from inexpensive product releases (iPad, iPhone 4) this year. Still, a forthcoming Apple TV 2.0 would almost demand a suspected 'AppleHD' video format in order to garner the attention and market ubiquity that Apple TV largely failed to capture the first time around.

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