• BlueSn0w - iPhone Bluetooth Pwned?

    The iPhone Bluetooth Project has been quietly pining away at the Bluetooth aspect of the iPhone for months. They recently released BlueSn0w, a small tool (which bears a striking resemblance in name to another recently released - but unrelated - tool) which is mostly proof of concept. It work strictly via command line, but they promise updates in the near future. This could lead to some exciting things, like Bluetooth file exchange being enabled, among other things.

    Our team has successfully been able to demonstrate a 'pwnage' of the bluetooth chipset allowing anyone to write/implement a fully functional Bluetooth Stack that runs on your iPhone, and this will be our next step.
    At the moment all it does is print the MAC address of any BT devices within range after a 10 second scan, but that's a solid first step. There seems to be some sort of random drama and a bit of "donate now, donate often!" going on over there, and we were hard-pressed to get an actual conversation with any of the devs, but we were able to test and verify the binary - so its legit. We'll see where it goes from here.

    I've attached the tool and their Readme to this post - if you're the command line type, give it a whirl. A few things to note: in this early release, WiFi /must/ be off on your iPhone when running this, and the device you're trying to find should be set to Discoverable.
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      silentarts -
      BlueSn0w Got me Stuck in Apple Logo Boot Loop....


      iPhone 4 6.1 Jailbroken!

      Please help!
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