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    The guys over at iBluetoothProject.com (makers of bluesn0w, which we saw earlier) have released their GUI tool, called sweetTooth. For now it does the same thing as the previous command line version - just looks a bit prettier. Essentially it can find Bluetooth devices in your area that are marked as discoverable, and print their address.

    Obviously the next step (and why this is cool) would be to get full Bluetooth access going with the iPhone - stereo headphones, file exchange, etc. No word on when/if that could happen, although the iBluetooth folks say they're working on it. No ETA or example has been given, so we're guessing its a "yah lets try that next" kinda thing. Keep an eye on this project...

    / PF EDIT

    From the iBluetooth Projects website:

    Hello its release time, this time our first every GUI!

    And boy are you gonna love it - its only a stumbler, but from here we can add so much and guess what I'm not even gonna ramble on this time!

    Heres how you get your hands on it!

    1. Open Cydia
    2. Go to Sections > System > sweetTooth
    3. Install sweetTooth from there

    We moved the app to the MMi repo so you don't have to worry about adding repos and have a reliable source.
    We crashed on release so a very big thanks to them for the work in saving our asses! Hopefully our sever can handle things now that the app is on their sever and with a few tweaks of our own.

    Thanks for sticking with us this far - your patience and donations are very much appreciated!

    Please also note that this will be our last release where the public get the release first. After this release we will release to donors only first and send out to public later. This is due to our bombard of donors and our inability to add them all.

    - I tried it out and it works really well. Can't wait for Stereo Bluetooth Support!

    EDIT: Here I can help you as I'm a founding member of the project. I can't get too technical because we still aren't sure if it will be open or closed source. Also donors get the most technical info and the first crack at new releases so I can't say too much. But anyway it IS NOT just a "well let's try this next" thing as PF mentioned. We have a plan of what we plan to implement. Everything. Every bluetooth profile that the chip can support we WILL add eventually as they are all specified in the Bluetooth SIG. We will start with basic things like A2DP and OBEX but the base for all of that is rfcomm which we are implementing now, but I can't give a date because we don't know for sure. As usual donors will get the first info so if you can donate, if not just keep checking our awesome Cydia host MMi and checking out our ibluetoothproject.com forums.

    Best Wishes,
    Lead developer, iBluetooth Project

    Update: Their site has been hacked but MMI is glad to host them in our forums as long as they need us. Check it out.
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    1. Sallieleebuie's Avatar
      Sallieleebuie -
      Where do i go to get info on sweet tooth
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      As the last post in this thread was over 18 months ago and that was to say it is no longer supported, my guess is that you cant.
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