• Some Users Reporting Poor Battery Life After Upgrading to iOS 4.3

    Some users are experiencing extremely poor battery life after upgrading their iDevices to iOS 4.3. This update is brings with it a host of new features and enhancements to existing ones, but unfortunately battery life seems to have taken a drastic hit in the process. Some users are seeing their battery life drop as much as 20% after installing the update.

    iOS 4.3 includes such new features as an updated version of AirPlay, which allows more apps to stream content directly to the Apple TV, Safari now uses the Nitro JavaScript engine for faster webpage rendering, and the iPhone 4 can now be used as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, among other iOS improvements as well.

    It's currently unclear if these battery problems are the result of a bug in the operating system or caused by some other issue. It's possible that Safari may be using too much power now that it's using the new Nitro JavaScript engine. Another possibility may lie with Apple's latest Ping notification system, which runs continuously in the background.

    Apple discussion forums have well over 200 users reporting similar problems with poor battery performance. One possible solution to improve battery life is to disable all push notifications to the iPhone. It's unfortunate that users may have to disable certain features on their iPhones in order to improve battery life.

    Apple recently released a security update for the desktop version of Safari. The mobile version of Safari is also expected to see the same security update in the near future. Hopefully, Apple will be able to address the latest battery woes that many users are now experiencing with the next iOS update. Personally, I have to charge my iPhone every night as it is, so any improvement in battery life would be very welcome.

    Source: Apple
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