• [GUIDE] Jailbreak 3.1 with PwnageTool 3.1.3

    This will walk you through jailbreaking your iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3G[S] with an end result of a jailbroken 3.1 device. This will only work on a Mac.

    If you have a 3G[S], you will need to have ALREADY jailbroken the device at a previous 3.xfirmware (3.0 or 3.0.1) in order for this to work. If you have a 3G[S] which came at or has already been upgraded to 3.1 through Apple, this release of PwnageTool (3.1.3) WILL NOT WORK.

    Alright, download PwnageTool 3.1.3 from here:

    MMi Member Mirror

    You will also need the 3.1 firmware file for your device. We recommend you download the firmware file with FireFox, as Safari tends to mess with the extension with default values. If you have not already clicked the "download but don't install" option for 3.1 in iTunes, you can download the 3.1 firmware for your device here:

    iPhone 2G
    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3G[S]

    Once you've downloaded the PwnageTool application, and placed it in your Applications folder on your Mac, double-click it to run it.

    You may be shown the Mac warning "'Pwnage Tool' is an application which was downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" Go ahead and click Open.

    Click OK on the Copyright screen that pops up.

    This version of PwnageTool checks back for updates, so click Allow if OS X asks you if PwnageTool can connect to iPhone Dev Team Portal [iPhone Dev Team] and wikee.iphwn.org.

    Now choose the device you're wanting to jailbreak. For this guide, I'm upgrading my 3G to 3.1 jailbroken. PwnageTool now classifies both the 3G and the 3G[S] under the 3G[S] image on their main screen, so we'll click that. The option would be the same for 3G[S] users.

    Now we'll want to search for our 3.1 firmware bundle (which you downloaded in the beginning of the guide - links above). PwnageTool will most likely find it on its own, but if not you can browse to the firmware file. Make sure it is in .ipsw format (Safari tends to download and uncompress it with default values, which is why we recommend using FireFox to download the file).

    Pwnage Tool should confirm the file. If it does not, you downloaded the wrong firmware or are not using the .ipsw format, and should download the firmware again, using FireFox.

    Next up, PwnageTool lets you know it'll be building a custom .ipsw on your desktop. Hit Yes.

    You'll be asked if you have a legitimately activated contract that activates through iTunes. U.S. T-Mobile users obviously don't. Answer this one truthfully, as it determines whether PwnageTool will activate the phone for you or not. U.S. AT&T users can click Yes assuming you're on a legit iPhone plan through AT&T.

    Now PwnageTool will build the .ipsw file for you. This will take up to 10 minutes, and at some point you'll be asked to provide your computer's password, do so.

    You'll wind up with a successful .ipsw file created on your desktop. Now that we've got that, we'll want to close PwnageTool (Apple+Q quits), and open iTunes and restore with this file.

    Open iTunes (it's ok if it was already open), and with your iPhone connected, hold down the Power and Home button together for about 25 seconds. You should see the Connect to iTunes screen, and iTunes should pop up a window letting you know its found an iPhone in recovery mode.

    Make SURE you HOLD DOWN THE OPTION KEY while pressing Restore - this will bring up a window asking you which file you'd like to restore with. Choose the custom .ipsw you just made. Make sure you are NOT choosing the stock 3.1 file you might have downloaded earlier.

    Now you just sit and wait for 15-20 minutes while iTunes updates your iPhone for you. You'll see a flurry of messages, and your iPhone will cycle through a few different screens including a Pwnapple and the Apple screen with the loading bar as the firmware updates.

    When all's said and done, you will see iTunes ask you to set up as a new iPhone or restore from backup - either way is fine! Restore from backup puts back all your contacts, calendars, settings, etc.

    That's it!
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