• RedEye Makes iPhone a Universal Remote

    Taking Apple's remote app one step further, ThinkFlood's RedEye remote control system allows you to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a universal controller for any component that has an infrared port. The app is free, but requires a $188 infrared base.

    The RedEye system connects to the iPhone via WiFi and replaces virtually all the remote functions for any consumer electronics, home automation, or any device that can be controlled by an IR remote. It has a batch function that allows you to create a macro for something like "watch DVD" that prompts the RedEye base to send a series of commands to the component. It also has a learning mode to add commands for devices that are not included on the codes that can be downloaded from the RedEye website.

    Where the RedEye system really stands out, though, is in its use of the iPhone's accelerometer and multitouch gesture support. In addition to just tapping soft keys, on the screen, you can rock or flip the iPhone/iPod to do things like adjust volume or toggle between TV channels.

    image via ThinkFlood
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