• iRemix : Get More from your iPod App

    From the developers of qTweeter and ToneFX, Efiko Software brings a new tweak for your iPod app that adds favorites, bookmarks, quick playlist management, quick access to search, and additional song information to your iPhone's iPod player.

    iRemix for the iPhone and iPod touch enhances your iPod experience with some features you have always wanted and some new ones you will fall in love with. It seamlessly integrates with the iPod and is built to let you access the songs, artists, albums and playlists you want faster than ever.
    Not only do we get additional information for songs, we can do things like, tap and hold a song and add it to the "On The Go" playlist. You can even add marker points for a song or video to skip to certain parts, which is actually pretty nice for movies and podcasts. The best part about this app is that it is non-intrusive, and really overlays nicely into the UI. There are few videos that demonstrate the features over at their website.


    - Your favorite songs, artists, albums and playlists are now one touch away. No more endless scrolling and searching. Instantly access them in all their cover art glory. Create up to 5 pages of your favorites and scroll through them springboard style. We have also made adding items to favorites drop dead easy. Simply touch and hold the media item till the pop up asks you to add it to favorites.

    - There are many cases where you just love a specific part of a song or podcast and always want instant access to it. Sometimes you always want to start a song at a specific point. You can now do this with Bookmarks, saving you from always rewinding and fast forwarding.

    Quick Add
    - Right now, adding to the "On-The-Go" playlist is clumsy and time consuming. We have solved this by allowing you to simply touch the media item till the "Add to On-The-Go" pops up for you to immediately add it. In addition, you can now access search faster by simply touching the top bar on any of the iPod screens.

    Fast access to search

    Song Info
    - Get all the info you have always wanted to know about the song and artist. Utlizing the power of the web, you can now get access to the lyrics, music video, and full knowledge about the artist currently playing.
    iRemix is available in Cydia for $4.99. A trial is available

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    1. Truxton's Avatar
      Truxton -
      I really wish this would get updated for 5.01 as the playlist functionality were one of my mail reasons of jailbreaking.

      Or at least wish there was some sort of replacement. $5 not well spent apparently
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