• Footage of Gas Main Explosion Edited in Four Minutes using iPhone and iPad

    Geek Squad founder, Robert Stevens was driving to work the other day, when he witnessed a giant fireball in the sky. Apparently, a gas line exploded in St. Paul Minnesota and he was able to shoot video of the event as he drove by. Luckily, he had his iPhone 4 with him and was able to drive and shoot video at the same time.

    After shooting the video he pulled into a local drug store parking lot and transferred the iPhone footage to his iPad 2 using Apple's camera connection kit. He then edited the video using the latest version of iMovie and added a voiceover. Later he tweeted, “That video shot on iPhone4, copied to iPad2 via camera connection kit, and edited in 4 minutes with the new iMovie.”

    After uploading the footage to YouTube and CNN’s iReport, other news agencies soon began requesting permission to use the footage as well. "I'm not a journalist, but I was quickly working with major news organizations," Stephens said. "That's why I tweeted permission." "It was iPhone to connection kit to iPad to iMovie to CNN."

    After the incident he later said, “I wouldn't have gotten so close to the explosion.” If not for his quick thinking and Apple gear, the world might have missed this dramatic event. Luckily, no one was hurt as a result of this explosion.

    Source: TwinCities.com
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