• Two Days Left for AT&T iPhone Exclusivity?

    According to a report on HotHardware.com, AT&T will lose its US iPhone exclusivity on Wednesday, the same day that Apple is supposedly going to announce their long-rumored tablet/slate thing. Though this report - which it attributed to a source inside AT&T - does not mention what other carrier or carriers will support the iPhone, recent rumors have increasingly named Verizon Wireless, the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States.

    AT&T has long been criticized for what is perceived as poor performance on the carrier's 3G network. The anonymous source supposedly claims that AT&T "is tired of taking the heat" for the iPhone's network issues, and the article asserts without explanation that "the iPhone itself doesn't really handle the switch from 3G to EDGE very well." While dropped calls and poor throughput have been common complaints, the specific attribution of problems to the auto-switch from UMTS 3G to EDGE (which is actually also a 3G technology) have not been widely reported.

    The article notes without comment the remarks by Verizon chief executive Ivan Seidenberg back in October that indicated his carrier would be happy to host the iPhone but that the decision was up to Apple. Reports back when the iPhone was introduced in 2007 suggested that Verizon and Apple had failed to come to terms on pricing, leaving Apple to negotiate a deal with AT&T.

    image via thedigitallifestyle.tv
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