• iPhones Tune in to Belkin TuneCast Auto LIVE for FM Transmission

    Belkin is no stranger to the business of iPhone accessories. But the company could very well be on to one of its most popular offerings so far. With the announcement of "Belkin TuneCast Auto LIVE," FM transmission on the iPhone 3G/3GS has "never been easier."

    From Hot Hardware:

    Belkin has been doing quite well in the iPod and iPhone accessory market, and today's announcement should be music to the ears of those who don't feel like installing any kind of sophisticated iPod adapter into their automobile. Sure, many new vehicles have iPod support from the factory, but older models were never designed to handle Steve's most popular products ever.
    Belkin's new FM tuner taps into your iPhone's GPS system and location-based user feedback to help you stay on top of the best
    FM frequencies available close to your GPS coordinates. Best of all, you can control your FM transmission from your iPhone
    screen via a cool knob-looking screen that makes your radio-listening adventures a retro experience.

    Anyone who has used an FM Transmitter will know that finding a good, clean open frequency is difficult, and this device basically takes the hard guesswork out of it.
    The tuner is compatible with with the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic. The corresponding iPhone app, however, wonít work on the Nano or Classic. But Belkinís ClearScan Technology will still enable you to find the best FM signal no matter which mobile device you're using.

    It's available now in North America for $79.99. Europe, Asia and Australia will have it by late-Spring.
    Yes, it's a bit pricey. But by all accounts, it's also the most sophisticated FM transmitter currently available.

    Image via Hot Hardware
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