• Pirate Ship Destroyed: Install0us Shuts Down Project

    NOTE: This article is for informational purpose. ModMyi does not condone nor support the use of pirated material.

    **********, an iPhone App which allows users to install pirated software to their phone, has bowed out of the scene after speaking to a legal representative about how well ********** could stand up in court for legal issues.

    Starting from just a small blog, which grew to an overwhelmingly busy and popular forum, the ********** app had provided a user friendly way to browse the web and download or install apps, while attempting to be clean from any association with wherever the apps come from, simply trying to be a middle man installer for IPAs.

    After the developer of ********** had spoken to a lawyer, he was told that even with these attempts to steer clear of legalities, he would never have a solid case and would be putting himself into a lot of trouble. Which is of no surprise really, Pirates never win... unless your Johnny Depp.

    There is a rather lengthy blog post, which you'll have to find yourself, that I'll try to summarize for a quick read:

    Why is this happening? Legalities.. ********** allowed you to browse / download / install, without providing any links to cracked materials... our discussion left me sad and even feeling stupid to have invested so much effort into this, and involved people with me... You see, after talking for more than an hour with him, I'm sorry but the conclusion is that what we do would be very hard to defend against in court...

    What Will Happen? These forums will close, and repositories too. Just a few more weeks, and everything will be shut down and deleted.... ********** 3 will not and cannot ever be released. It all must end here... ..To make things clear, we have never shared our source code, and we can never do so, simply for legality's sake...
    While we all know another developer will probably just take their place, it just goes to show it's a never ending battle, and just like all other before it, they will sink every pirate ship they can.

    Google: **********
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