• PushFix 2.0 Offers Real Push Notification Solution for Unlocked iPhones

    If your one of the many iPhone users who have unlocked your iPhone on OS 3.x, then chances are you've lost the ability to receive push notifications. I for one lost this ability with my unlocked iPhone 3GS. This was a big disappointment for me as I used the feature every day. I spent countless hours trying various fixes out there, including the PushFix found on various cydia repos (which really just made things worse), manually installing push certificates, and even trying to generate my own certificates.

    After pulling out my hair and bashing my head into the wall trying to figure out why I couldn't get my Push notifications working again, I stubmled upon Pushfix.info.

    "For the push notification service to work, every device needs a unique 1024 bit certificate. The certificate does not contain any information about your device, so I can provide certificates without any information from your phone.... If you used blackra1n and have lost YouTube, I have free YouTube fixes for that. My free youtube keys don't cause excessive battery drain unlike the original push fixes."
    I was skeptical at first I must admit. The cost to get these unique Push Notifications working again would be $5.99USD. After completing a payment, I was welcomed with instructions to add a Cydia Source, and simply download PushFix 2.0. (Assuming your payment was instant, this works instantly as well). There is an entire support system available if anything goes wrong and the service is actually quite pleasant.

    That being said, I was prompted to reboot after installation, and upon doing so, was given a new app called PushTest which allowed me to test my PushFix installation. In a few seconds i was greenlit and good to go. I went and downloaded a crapload of Push apps and voila! My Push Notifications were working once again!! I was amazed at how simple this was and felt that my $6.00 was well worth it. This PushFix can be installed again no matter how many times you restore as your iPhone's ID is associated with the cydia repo to download this pushfix.

    I even got in touch with the developer of pushfix via twitter, almost instantly, @pushfix, and he has been kind enough to let us give away 10 licenses for his PushFix to our ModMyi readers!

    So how do you get your hands on one? Two ways. Here's how to enter:

    1. Leave a reply to this article and let us know your experiences with trying to get Push Notifications working on your own. Some of us have spent hours trying to get it to work without any luck. I want to hear your story and why you deserve to have your push notifications working again.

    2. Tweet this article on twitter and mention @modmyi. Click here for easy tweeting. Tweet This!

    The contest will last 3 days, and winners will be notified by email.

    Important notes for purchasers in certain countries
    Carriers which REQUIRE the iPhone data plan on that carrier (or you can use WiFi only push):Push does not work properly on regular data plan.
    US - T-Mobile (requires $19.99 a month plan at this time)
    UK - Orange
    France - SFR

    Carriers in which push over CELL DATA is not supported - Do not purchase at this time (WiFi only is still supported):
    Brazil - Vivo (possibly)
    Columbia - Comcel
    Germany - Vodafone
    Nigeria - MTN
    Poland - Polkomtel

    Push Fix (pushfix) on Twitter
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