• Weekly Jailbreak Update : February 1st, 2010

    In an effort to bring our readers more frequent news on Jailbroken Apps and Updates available in Rock and Cydia, we bring you a new weekly featured article. There are so many updates each day it's hard to keep up sometimes. Especially if you haven't logged in for some time! We'll go over some new apps, if there are any that day, and any new updates available in the repos that are noteworthy. Another option is to use Rock's built in filtering for What's New.

    For our first segment, heres whats on the radar for tonight. There are some additional updates to be added tonight, so this might get updated

    New Apps

    iShakeLock is a simple mobile substrate extension which locks or unlocks your iPhone by utilizing the shaking gesture. Unfortunately this seems very "beta", which would make sense from the version number. A few users have reported the tweak to not be functional at all on some iDevices. The tweak seems to lose function if the phone sleeps for more than 5 seconds. Use this one at your discretion.

    gpsSMS is a simple application that will grab your GPS coordinates and let you test them to any number you wish. This one works just as it states. Although I didn't have much use for it, the description makes it sound a little creepy and the logic really doesn't make sense. I could only guess that you need to send GPS coordinates to someone who has an actual gps unit to plug in manually or something.

    "Ever been in the situation when you were lost during your car trip with no map or naviation at hand? Let your friends help you. Send them SMS with GPS Coordinates and they will tell you directions. East-to-use applications. Automatically determines your location. You just need to select a phone number from your iPhone address book and touch "Send""
    Also check out heyWAY or echoECHO or G.maps or TOMtom.

    Cerebro is an app similar to MobileMe's "Find My iPhone" service, or like Cylay's current service. The biggest difference here is that the service is FREE. Once you've installed the app, you will get a popup to allow Cerebro to use location services. Upon opening the app it will ask you to enter credentials, register and will inform you that you can track your iphone at iFindMyiPhone.com. Although it's interface is not very attractive, the service works... kind of. There are additional features once you log in, such as history, sending messages, etc. Not sure how safe this one is in terms of privacy, but again, use at your discretion.

    Noteworthy Updates
    RockApp 2.20.9
    -Internationalization Support
    -Unicode Support
    -Performance Enhancements
    -Major Fixes for Independent Repo Support
    -Additional support for 3rd party app liscensing
    -License Central
    -More Options for Developers

    LockInfo 2.0.1-3
    -Added full screen option which will let LockInfo use the entire lockscreen. Swipe left to right at the bottom to unlock (as if there was a slider there)
    -Fixed crashes in the LockInfo Mail and Calendar settings
    -Added switch to hide delete/mark as read buttons
    -Added animations for unlocking
    -No longer requires a respring for new plugins
    -Reworked homescreen logic to hopefully fix the last issues with extra pages
    -Added override switch for Calendar alerts to show them even if popups are blocked
    -Reformatted settings pages

    Activator 1.2
    -Support for activating regular applications
    -New events
    -Built-in system actions
    -Safe to generate evens cross-application
    -Cached Settings
    -Grouped Actions
    -Italian Localization

    Firewall iP
    - added Global allow/deny to the popup
    - changed *host/*.host to *domain/*.domain (request from users)
    Are you a developer? Would you like to see your app featured in our weekly jailbreak update? Contact us at [email protected]. Let us help you promote your new packages! Don't foget to submit your packages here. Did we miss something thats new? Let us know!
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