• Apple Reveals New Developer Clock

    Like swaddling a fussy baby awaiting its next feeding, Apple is continuing to ramp up efforts to pacify developers eager to monitor the progress of the application approval process. Building on the clocks, status bars, and other upgrades to the ways in which Apple communicates with developers, Cupertino is tinkering with yet another improvement to help keep developers in the loop.

    Recently, Apple made it possible for developers to monitor the overall application approval status. But if developers all over the world are like those I am proud to call my friends, the time frame Apple used for the progress clock was less than ideal.

    From Mac Rumors:

    Previously, the review status widget offered only a single number displaying the percentage of applications currently being approved within two weeks of submission.
    But that was then. And this is now. Apple has unveiled a brand spankin' new clock that reveals the percentage of new applications stamped with Apple's seal of approval within the last seven days. In addition, the clock also shows the total percentage of apps updated and similarly approved within the last 7 days. For the time being, the approval percentages are virtually frozen at 99% for updates and 98% for newly submitted applications.

    The new wording of the status indicator leaves some question, however, about whether it continues to refer to an approval rate as it implied previously or if the data refers strictly to Apple having reviewed submissions.
    How about a real-time approval progress bar for each application submitted with a daily personal email from Steve Jobs to
    provide updates on your app's status. Is that asking for too much?

    Images via Utech and Mac Rumors
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