• Apptizr Sparks 'App'etite For Friends' Mobile Applications

    Gone are the days of "borrowing" my friends' iPhones when they leave the room for a moment. Now I have a whole new way to spy on their apps.

    Come on, haven't we all done that once or twice... or a few hundred times?

    Well, if you've ever found yourself in that same boat, you're in luck. Apptizr, a personalized iPhone app recommendation service, is preparing to announce a new offering this week that will let you discover a whole new world of apps through the eyes of your buddies. According to the official word from Apptizr, we may soon freely explore the apps of our pals like cattle grazing in an open pasture.
    To further help iPhone and iPod Touch users discover great apps, Apptizr has integrated with Facebook Connect, enabling users to see what apps their friends enjoy on the Apptizr website. Apptizr users can now find their Facebook friends on Apptizr.com, and “follow” them to see what apps their friends own or like. Since many iPhone users already exchange app recommendations offline, this new feature makes it easier than ever for users to discover great apps from their friends.
    Although the "social" aspect of application use is still very much in its infancy, this new opportunity courtesy of Apptizr will likely help reveal more about some of our friends than we may presently realize. Over the years I've discovered just how much app preferences say about someone. Thanks to Apptizer, I may soon get to know some of my friends and co-workers better than ever

    Founded in 2009, Apptizr has already served up over 3 million app recommendations since launch. Now, however, it appears that the service will supplement its own app expertise with this new platform allowing users to see what apps their friends own or like as another way to discover cool apps.

    According to David Li, CEO and Co-Founder of Apptizr:

    “With the newly released Facebook Connect integration, Apptizr users have a new source for app recommendations – from friends they trust. We are continuing to enhance our service to make Apptizr the easiest way for iPhone users to discover the best apps out there.”
    In addition to Apptizr's venture through Facebook Connect, the company is also gearing up for a promotion this month to promote 'Friends' by giving away $300 worth of iTunes gift cards when users invite friends or follow friends.

    So let me get this straight? I can spy on my friends' apps and then possibly win stuff for doing so? Sign me up!

    Image via Apptizr
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