• iDroid Mini Browser: How Did Apple Let This One Get Away?

    The reviews are in. And they're mixed.

    To some, the arrival of anything "DROID" in the iPhone realm is a monumental feat worth noting. To others, the actual application in question - the iDroid Mini Browser - is a lot better than previous DROID offerings, but still doesn't knock the multi-tab browsing objective out of the park.

    iDroid Mini Browser is an innovative browser designed specifically for the revolutionary multi touch iPhone.
    The debate rages on, of course, over the differences between multitasking and tabbed browsing. Is there really any difference
    at all? And does the iDroid Mini Browser take the iPhone to a whole new, previously unattainable level? It's unlikely that any
    input I can offer will change opinions on either side.

    What I can tell you is that Apple is watching closely - and possibly with some degree of embarrassment. In fact, there's an excellent possibility that the multitab browsing capabilities of the iDroid Mini Browser could heavily influence subsequent versions of Safari. Letting anything DROID-related get the upper-hand on internet browsing on the iPhone will likely prove unacceptable to Apple. And, as a result, future iPhones may come pre-loaded with a beefed-up browser to rival (or ultimately surpass) the present darling of multitab browsing - the iDroid Mini Browser.

    Inspired by iPhone's Safari,Android browser and Opera min. A definitely must have for all iPhone and iPod Touch users!
    If you want to check it out for yourself, the iDroid Mini Browser iPhone application is available now for download in the App Store for $0.99.
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