• Hints of HD Video Recording for iPhone 4G

    Almost lost in the enormous hype surrounding the iPad release and subsequent Apple 'town hall' was the pre-announcement of the fourth-generation iPhone, which Steve Jobs declared would be an "A+ upgrade." Rumors had been going around about a possible CDMA version of the phone which did not emerge of the iPad event, and there's scanty evidence even to base a rumor on. The iPhone 3.2 SDK, though, at least provides some clues as to Apple's internal development. Hidden in the details is an increased maximum video width for an unknown device believed to be the 4G iPhone, at a resolution that indicates that the new phone's camera will be capable of HD recording.

    The property lists in the SDK's simulator bundle are stored in separate folders corresponding to specific iPhone OS models, organized by internal codes: N82 for the iPhone 3G, N88 for the iPhone 3GS, K48 for what is believed to be the iPad and something new called the N89. Based on the code it appears to be a new iPhone model, and parameters in the various plists tend to support that assumption.

    Engadget reports on a closer look at the MediaValidator.plist file in the new iPhone SDK showing video parameters. The maximum video width has been increased from 768 pixels on the iPhone 3GS to 1280 on the N89, and the maximum number of pixels per frame is increased to 921,600. Dividing the two gives 720 lines, and given that the AVCHD profile version is shown as 3.1, which includes 720p support, there's adequate reason to deduce that there will at least be development support for a future HD video output feature, whether or not that will be released with the device, which is expected this summer.

    In other news, DigiTimes - which keeps its eye on the China/Taiwan supply chain - reports that the ASUS spin-off Pegatron has been given a contract to manufacture the next-gen iPhone, joining Foxconn, the company that has manufactured every iPhone since the device was announced. Pegatron, long a source for OEM PCs, started manufacturing LCD TVs and mobile phones over a year ago, and reportedly will produce Natal Xbox 360 controllers for Microsoft later this year.
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