• Tick-Tock, Mod My Apple Clock

    The countdown to the SuperBowl is on. And if you had this one-of-a-kind recycled Apple clock, the countdown would likely be a whole lot more fun.

    Or something like that.

    The wall clock in question - of which there is literally only one - is made from an Mac G4 ibook case and measures a sizable 14"w x 18"h. In addition, there's an Apple mouse that serves as a fully functional pendulum. How does it run? On a simple little pair of AAs. That's all it takes to maintain the tick-tock of this Apple lover's quartz clock.

    It makes a great conversation piece.
    Or something like that.

    If you haven't already noticed, there is a rapidly burgeoning market for memorabilia derived from modified Apple products of yesteryear. And despite what you may think, this sort of stuff sells out pretty quickly. An example? This clock. The first and only sold for $75 yesterday at Etsy.com.

    Of course, if you're so included, there is still a wall clock made from an old iMac motherboard that similarly serves up an Apple mouse for a pendulum.

    That will cost you a cool $119.00.

    a great gift for that Mac geek you know who is so hard to shop for.
    Images via Etsy.com.
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