• Apple Waiting For Windows 7 Mobile Before iPhone Announcement?

    While some were surprised by Apple's decision to focus exclusively on the iPad during the company's recent media event, many shrewdly - and perceptively - expected Apple to save any major iPhone news for a future event of its own. And now that the iPad has been unveiled and one rumor mill is officially put to rest, it's time for another to take root. The latest speculation? Apple is waiting for a Windows 7 Mobile announcement before Cupertino can steal the show once again - right along with Microsoft's thunder.

    The latest word we're hearing is that the Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled to begin on February 15th, could provide the forum in which Windows 7 Mobile will take center stage. Still, even now there is no formal evidence to prove a forthcoming Windows Mobile/Phone 7. Then again, Microsoft has been as effective at keeping this under wraps as Apple was about concealing news of the iPad's eventual arrival.

    If it's true that Apple's 4th gen iPhone will support multi-tasking, something that Windows 7 Mobile may be unable to do, is it any wonder that Apple would wait until after MWC to utterly outshine and overshadow Microsoft's "best effort" so far in the mobile space? This "best effort" alluded to could also portray a Windows 7 Mobile that can't handle flash or offer NETCF backwards compatibility for older apps.

    While plenty of Apple fans would likely love to witness this scenario play out in the days ahead, there remains a strong possibility that Windows 7 Mobile will not see the light of day until the very end of 2010. If so, Apple will have already unveiled the next gen iPhone and - as many expect - its multitasking capabilities, 5 megapixel camera, and an assortment of new and improved amenities that will make the new iPhone as utterly awesome as Steve Jobs has hinted it will be.
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