• More iPhone Game Devs Than Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

    More developers are working on games for the iPhone than either the Nintendo DS or the Sony PlayStation Portable, according to a new survey by Game Developer Research. And about the same number, the study says, are abandoning Wii development as are working on iPhone titles, suggesting a potential shift in the industry.

    The 2009/2010 State of Game Development Survey is a research study done by Game Developer Research, a project of the editors of Game Developer magazine. The survey focused on 800 game developers in North America and aims to gain insight into which platforms game developers are working on, which tools they use and how much they spend on them, and tries to figure out why developers concentrate on specific platforms over other ones.

    The most significant shift shown in the report is the proportion of developers who are creating games for mobile devices: 25% of the respondents said that they were working on a mobile title. This is twice as many as reported the same last year. Of that group, 75 % of them say they are working on and iPod Touch games. The total number of iPhone developers is more than twice the number making games for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable.

    About 70 percent of the survey participants said they were working on at least one game for the PC or Mac, including browser and social games, which represented a slight increase from the number in last year's report.

    The developers said that ease of development and the size of the market were the primary factors influencing why they chose to focus on a particular platform. Other considerations included the specific skills of the programmers on their team, how easy it is to reuse code from one platform on another, and the costs of SDKs and other materials.

    The survey selected participants from people who read Gamasutra, subscribe to Game Developer magazine, or attended the Game Developers Conference.

    image via iPhoneFootprint
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