• Weekly Jailbreak Update : February 8th, 2010

    In continuation of last weeks update, here's what's new this week. Besides all the chatter about the new iPhone OS 3.1.3., there have been some great new additions to the repos over the week.

    What's New:

    ActionMenu TinyURL - For those of you using ActionMenu, this is a great addition for shrinking those long URLS using TinyURL.

    SprintBoard - This tweak allows you to quickly scroll through your pages. There was an app called SmoothBoard that did something like this, except there were not many options. SprintBoard is a more practical solution if your looking for a way to quickly scroll through pages.

    iWipe Cache - This handy little app will automatically clear your SpringBoard Icon cache. What will that do? Some themes use masks and overlays to reshape or resize icons but are not applied due to caching. One tap of this app and your cache is removed and your iDevice will respring. Not sure why WinterBoard hasn't been updated to do this yet. Hopefully we'll see a new WinterBoard version soon

    New Updates:

    GV Mobile + v2.0.2
    +Potential issue with Favorites and Contacts (if you only had a Company filled in as a contact)
    +SMS messages getting cut off in the Reply view (if super long)
    +Editing the “Phone to ring” caused a crash
    +Added a refresh of the Google Settings after switching accounts
    +Rounded the icon
    +Clicking on the History tab would cause a crash

    SpringVibe 1.3
    **1.3 Vibration Add-Ons**
    In-Call Control Pad
    In-Call Phone Pad
    In-Call End Button
    In-Call Hide Button

    Firewall iP 1.39
    -Significantly improved speed
    -Reduced Memory Usage
    -Improved Stability
    -New Icon

    Rock App
    -More Improved Filtering for New and Featured Apps
    Are you a developer? Would you like to see your app featured in our weekly jailbreak update? Contact us at [email protected]. Let us help you promote your new packages! Don't foget to submit your packages here. Did we miss something thats new? Let us know!
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