• txtAgif - Send Animated Photos Via MMS on your iPhone

    Here's a nifty little app for all you MMS lovers out there. An App called txtAgif, assists in sending animated images (properly known as an Animated GIF) via text messages or "MMS", and even offers some prebuilt animated images you can browse through and use. The images get sent just like any other MMS photo, but the cool thing is it will work with any iPhone you send the image to.

    This isn't anything groundbreaking, but it is free, and is more tailored towards those who love to send MMS. I for one, hardly even send pictures via MMS, as Email just seems much more logical for photos. However, this could be fun to annoy your friends with.

    It's simple to add an animated picture to your MMS. Browse or search
    our collection of animated pictures on your iPhone. Once you found the
    perfect picture, just tap a button to start a new message. Besides
    MMS, you can also add animated pictures to your email. txtAgif for
    iPhone is designed to work with txtAgif - Animate your MMS, a site where anyone
    can upload and share his animated pictures with the world.
    Although the included animated GIF's are a little cheesy, you can always go to their website and create your own images, and in my mind, this could be quite the annoying little app, especially with the creative gif's you always see in forum signatures. Just imagine your friend spamming you with one of those. Yeah, I can see some troubles here.

    Grab txtAgif in the App Store for free.
    txtAgif - Animate your MMS


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