• More PushFix.info Giveaways - Fan ModMyi on Facebook To Win

    Last month we ran an article discussing the handy fix offered over at PushFix.info, one that I have used myself and been VERY pleased with. I had tried every fix out there, which only led to wrong push notifications or none at all. Lucky for you guys, we have 5 more promos to give out for PushFix, but this time there is a new catch.

    In order to be eligible for a promo, you must become a fan of ModMyi on Facebook. We've noticed the fan count could use so some work, so even if your not entering the contest, head on over to facebook and become a fan of ModMyi.com for even more on news revolving around Apple and the Jailbreak community.

    Once you've become a fan, just say hello on the wall, and next week, we'll announce the winners on the facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Fan ModMyi.com on Facebook!

    For more information on the PushFix.info app, check out last month's article, which is loaded with comments from users and the developer himself!

    ModMyi.com | Facebook
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