• Samsung Intros "Life Changing" Wave to Rival iPhone

    We hear an awful lot about Apple introducing game changing devices, but now Samsung is aiming at their rival iPhone with a new mobile phone that some (but mostly those at Samsung) are calling a "life changer." Yes, it's a mighty bold claim, but one that Samsung thinks the "Wave" can live up to.

    The Samsung Wave was introduced with much fanfare in Barcelona just before the start of the Mobile World Congress, pretty much the biggest mobile phone trade show in the history of humanity. While Samsung rolled out its ambitious new smartphone, it's pretty obvious what else Samsung is rolling out - a plan to capture a big chunk of the market share controlled by the iPhone.

    While much will be said and written about the Wave in coming days, here's the rundown Samsung hopes will be the device's first impression to the masses. All told, the Wave comes with an organic LED screen (AMOLED); it's the first smartphone to run Samsung's new open source operating system called Bada; it supports full multi-tasking capability' it's powered by a 1GHz processor; it serves up Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n wireless technologies; and it will be available this April.

    There will be no shortage of comparisons between the iPhone and the Wave this year. But now that Samsung has introduced the device that many believe could be the first to truly give the iPhone a run for its money, all eyes turn to Cupertino to see what the 4th gen iPhone will deliver and if it can best the Wave on arrival later this summer.
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