• Fans Charged Up About USB Power Outlet

    It's a simple concept, but one that's left an indelible impression on people coming out of this year's Macworld. Catering to the vast audience of mobile savvy consumers who always have some gadget or gizmo to charge or power up, Fastmac has unveiled its U-Socket with hopes of it becoming just as ubiquitous as the devices that could use it.

    Perfect for charging any USB powered device including- mobile, iPod, iPhone, PDA, MP3, PSP, MP4 player & digital camera.
    Capable of being installed on any existing wall outlet, the U-Socket is one of those no-brainer "I wish I would have thought of this" kind of devices that, if Fastmac proves fortunate, could turn up in homes, hotels, offices, and virtually any building with electricity in the world.

    How is the U-Socket different, let's say, from a do-it-yourself homemade USB wall socket? For starters, it's safer. Billed as the first such product that meets universal electrical safety specs, the U-Socket is almost difficult to distinguish from a regular run-of-the-mill wall socket. But in addition to offering your obligatory three-prong power plugs, the U-Socket also sports two powered USB outlets on each corresponding side.

    And in case you're wondering, the outlet is designed to be conservation-minded and environmentally friendly. According to the manufacturer, these USB ports only draw power when a device is connected to the port.

    We didn't want a vampire port that continually sucks and wastes power.
    One of the breakout showings from Macworld, the U-Socket is currently promoted on Fastmac's website at a discounted pre-order price of $19.95. If all goes as planned, expect the device to begin shipping later this spring.

    Will it catch on?
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